"It is never too late to live your dream"

Field Of Our Own

The Colorado Peaches are celebrating 25 years as a team.  We are 74 to 86.  We're the first team in the Field of Our Own.  Our goal is to inspire other women to continue playing.  Field of our own is really about having a place for woman over 60 to come play.  We complete in the Huntsman world games every October.  

The big thing we have discovered is that we can continue to improve with age.  Everybody on our team has really improved.  Our whole attitude has been the longer I play the better I am.  We don't just maintain, we really get better.  

We are more alive.  Our focus is so much better.  Softball really helps to keep the brain active, you focus on the whole game, stay alert to what do in the midst of the game.  All of that has changed in the past two years but we went from being complacent that we are old and we'll compete but likely lose.  Now we go in with a winner's mind.  We used to say "Were having fun" and now we go in saying We are having fun, because we are really competing.  

We are really here to build a community of players, to contribute and to PLAY.  

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